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Most Popular Keywords On Google

Penulis on Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

How to Find the most searched keywords - How to Know the most searched keywords - How to find keywords that are more popular. Make sure you are not wrong in determining Keywords or Keyword Popular Which can be considered to be one factor that (very) important because people with these keywords to find the content that you write. If we could assemble the right keywords that are popular in our posts, then it will undoubtedly invite many visitors to our blog.  

That is, the traffic increase traffic. For example, the first on-scene when Ariel hebohnya video cases, that's one key word at that again hot / popular, How to Search for Keyword Who's Hot at now? as well as what is more popular now.

So how do I find the more popular keyword? 

How to find a more popular keywords that are often sought after, we can use a paid or free software. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Who wants a paid software? please! Well, we leave the paid keyword search software. We use the free of charge, in accordance with our jargon, "if there is a free, why should pay". Correct? results were not different face. Ok, here are some ways to find the most popular keywords.
  •     Google Adwords Keyword Tools, Although more often used to search for keywords that will be associated with Google Adwords and Google Adsense, but this tool can also be utilized to search for popular keywords. Although the appearance was different from the old version, but about its value, no question. And most importantly, this tool for free. Please slid to its site in the Google Keyword Tool External.
  •     Google Insights, How to Find Popular Keyword Who's the product that is also mbah Google and it's free. Through Google Insight, we can find popular keywords that are often sought in the last 7 days, 30 days, even in previous years. We can also filter (filter) keywordnya, only for Indonesia region only or other countries. Curious .... please click here to open Google Insights.
  •      Google News on Google News, How to Find Popular Keywords That Again, we can find a keyword by topic / story that are sought or place a few days. At the time I posted this article, the earthquake or the tsunami that occurred in the Mentawai a "top story" on the left side of the page For a keyword in the search for a topic that many in Indonesia, can be seen in
  •     What's Hot Alexa, Alexa aunt Well on its website, we also get the keywords being searched for people. Or the Alexa prefers to call What's Hot. Want to enjoy a hot of Alexa? Have a hot-air-ria in Alexa What's Hot.
  •     Twitter, How to Find Who's Online Keyword If that is surely already know, then? We could get popular keywords that are trending topic on Twitter. Still need to link the site? Seem unnecessary for you?
  •     Latest Yahoo News, How to Find Who's Online Keyword is the Yahoo Top News are also used by us to search for popular keywords, for example from the news / news popular in Indonesia. Please check in
  •     Google Trends, Google Trends On the way we can know the Keyword Search Who's Hot, to know the top keywords or keywords that are most sought after people. Do not believe? Please go to Google Trends wrote. Again, for free.

That part of the How to Find Popular Keywords That Again I got from several sources on the internet search results, there must be another another way.If there was just added in the comments, so some way to find a more popular keywords above can be increased. But yes ... free!

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Thanks for your info Friend, i'll try to wprk with that keywords... God Bless You..

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